Land for sale in bilal / al maisar 799 sqm


Lands For Sale in Amman


Title: Land for sale in bilal / al maisar 799 sqm
Property Type: Lands
Country and City: Jordan - Amman
Region: Bilal
Location: Bilal / al maisar
Price For the whole land : 320,000 Jordanian Dinar - Final price
Area For the whole land : 799 sqm
Paying by installments: No
Commission details: 2%
Do you accept dealing with brokers: No


Organization type: Residential
Organization Description: B

More Details:

Land for sale in Bilal / al maiser
799 sqm
Residential B

more information please call 0797700780

Contact name: Sales
Telephone : 962776699994 | 962797700780

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